Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner


When we speak about robot vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner can be “Best in class” at this price.

The robot can be controlled by connecting to the Mi Home mobile maker’s application, offering options such as:

  • Turn the robot on / off remotely;
  • Selecting a cleaning mode;
  • Real-time view of the status of the cleaning process;
  • Regularly programmed cleanliness.

Basing on the data from sensor system, the robot uses SLAM algorithm for better cleaning. This algorithm helps in mapping unknown territories with updated location of the device calculating the best cleaning path.


The robot will start with Edge cleaning mode and Zig-Zag cleaning mode. Following the well planned path, it can skirt the obstacle automatically, thoroughly and efficiently achieve cleaning goal.



The Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner has 12 Sensor Types:

In order to interact with the working environment and to cope with the circumstances of home navigation and obstacle avoidance, the vacuum cleaner uses 12 types of sensors (collision, slope, gyroscope, accelerometer, radar, etc.) incorporating even a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS). It scans 360-degree environments at 1,800 times per second, similar to the guidance system for autonomous cars (which do not require driver intervention, but they run alone)!

  1. Laser distance sensor
  2. Wall sensor
  3. Dustbin sensor
  4. Collision sensor
  5. Ultrasonic radar sensor
  6. Slope sensor
  7. Electronic compass
  8. Gyroscope
  9. Accelerometer
  10. Falling sensor
  11. Speedometer
  12. Fan Speed sensor


Xiaomi Robot vacuum cleaner comes with a big Li-Ion battery (5200MAh) for up to 2.5 hours of cleaning. The robot will back to the charging dock and charge automatically after finishing cleaning. When the power is less than 20%, it will recharge to 80% and get on with unfinished work.



  • Brushless engine (brushless, for great life and maximum energy efficiency);
  • Multi-surface operation;
  • Always loaded: Autonomy 2.5h per cycle and automatic loading (after completing the cleaning cycle, the robot loads itself and is ready again for action);
  • Powerful battery: 5200 mAh;
  • Aspiration: 1800Pa;
  • Essential for maintaining a healthy, dust-free, effortless environment (ideal for families with newborns, pets, those who appreciate an impeccable environment);
  • Farewell under the furniture! The small height allows the robot to clean under the lowest pieces of furniture.


The airflow is completely sealed, so the smaller dust particles end up in the large HEPA filter, which is also located on the dirt recipient. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with extra filters, and these parts are not usually washable. The good news is that you should be able to get replacements relatively cheap.


Mi Home App

The cleaner can be operated through Xiaomi’s Mi Home app, with which you can command it remotely. You can toggle it on and off, set the cleaning schedules, monitor progress, and switch between the three cleaning modes; all you need is an internet connection. The Mi Home app controls a wide range of wireless devices from Xiaomi.

Steps to connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to WiFi:

Step 1. The first thing you have to do is to download the Mi Home App, to install it on your smartphone and to make an account with Xiaomi.

Step 2. After the app is installed, turn on the robot vacuum, open the wireless settings on your phone and search for the Wifi spot produced by the robot. It should be something with the word “robot” inside. Connect to this network.

Step 3. Open the app and search among the Xiaomi product for the robot vacuum. Tap it and wait for the software to connect.

Step 4. Insert the WIFI settings from your own home router which is connected to the internet.

Step 5. Disconnect from the robot WIFI and connect instead to you home WIFI, which has internet. Your device should appear online.


Xiaomi can use a virtual wall to restrict the access in different areas. The virtual wall doesn’t need battery, convenient for you to use.