JLB Cheetah 1:10

JLB Cheetah 1:10 is a 4 Wheel Drive High Speed Car that is very capable of around 80km/h speed on road and off road. This car is very fast and it’s recommended for large outdoor spaces. And it may be considered a toy for big boys.

The car is completely waterproof (ESC, connectors, motor and other components) and it can be operated in any kind of conditions. I tested it in snow and i haven’t problems with it. I didn’t test the car directly in the water.

It’s built with all metal skeleton for increased strength.             It weighs 3.84kg and has low 62mm ride height ensuring it’s stability. The car use hydraulic oil filled shock absorbers that highly increase stability and control.


The JLB uses a 3 cell, 4000mAh, 30C rate discharge battery that is capable of 30 minutes racing time. The battery needs around 6 hours for charging with the provided charger which is a balance charger for 2s and  3s max output 1A.


It uses a very strong Brushless Waterproof Motor: 3670 2500KV (Feral Electric Systems). This motor provides a large amount of torque and provide incredible acceleration.

The 80A waterproof ESC is cooled by an aluminum radiator and a fan to prevent the damage. During the acceleration, the ESC did not give signs that would be undersized.

The servo has metal components (very durable and strong) and 3 wires.

All transmission components are from metal: including drive-shafts, front and rear differentials.  By means of steering rods we can adjust toe-in toe-out and camber angles.


The remote control is classic and easy to use, it uses 4 double A batteries for power. The declared remote control range is around 100 meters. This  remote control hasn’t sophisticate functions such as display or programmable channels



Because it is very fast, JLB has a wheel to prevent it from flipping during acceleration.

For maintenance of JLB we can found replacement parts relatively easy and also we can find parts for upgrades.

You can purchase it from here: Gearbest (279$)